Robert Mueller Takes The Reins Of The FBI, Will Ride Over Trump

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The story of Robert Mueller getting appointed to special counsel for the Russiagate investigation is great news already. Mueller is a salty veteran FBI Director who was James Comey’s predecessor. Since Trump shanked Comey in a dark alley last week, Mueller is back in the seat and sitting where Trump can’t get directly at him.

But the story of how this happened is even sweeter. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller. Rosenstein was originally Trump’s hatchet man for Comey, based on a memo Rosenstein was forced by Trump to write to justify Comey’s firing.

Trump was in the process of picking a new FBI Director this week, seeking some bootlicking toady who would answer to him. To the big bad ogre’s disappointment, two of Trump’s candidates, Senator John Cornyn and Representative Trey Gowdy, withdrew their names from the hat. Apparently nobody wants to be next to work for the guy holding the bloody ax.

Meanwhile, Rosenstein quietly appointed Mueller in the background. Kelleyanne Conway was on her way to a FOX News interview, where she would likely be announcing the next FBI Director appointed by Trump, when the news broke. So she canceled and left FOX anchors talking to an empty chair.

Which amounts to a pretty good outfoxing of Trump by his own would-be hatchet man. We’re hoping Mueller is all set for some payback, because it looks like Trump’s back on chopping block. In fact, to use the parlance of reality TV game shows, of which Trump is so fond, you could even call it a “blindside.”

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