BREAKING: Michael Flynn Is Now A Fugitive From Justice

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When we last left Michael Flynn, Trump’s wayward National Security Advisor and the eye of the Russiagate storm, he was getting a subpoena from the Senate. The subpoena was for documents pertaining to his dealings with foreign governments such as Russia and Turkey.

Well, he’s apparently just wiped his pointy little ass on that subpoena. Flynn has refused to comply with the Senate Intelligence Committee, which puts him in contempt of a federal court and subject to penalties including imprisonment. This is at the word of Flynn’s own lawyer.

How’s that for a National Security Advisor? Trump was so adamant on him that he insisted Flynn must have this post no matter what, willing to claw his way past a mountain of Attorney Generals if that’s what it took.

What does this tell us? Obviously, the man is guilty as flaming brimstone hell, and yet as much trouble as he’s in right now, that’s apparently not as much trouble as there would be if the document were exposed to the public eyes. Which means something really major and stunning must be in there. To think of all the shocks we’ve been through in Russiagate so far and yet there’s something out there unknown that is yet too horrible for us to ever find out. What heathen iniquity could Michael Flynn have possibly committed to make him choose running from the law over revealing it?

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