Senator Dick Durbin Points Out The Blindingly Obvious About Trump

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We’ve said it here many times, too many to link to individually, that Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. He shoots his mouth off, or his thumbs, as it were, in self-damaging tweets that come back to haunt him. For us here at Little Guy Liberal, that idea is summed up perfectly in the masterpiece we call “Tweeticide.

Tweeticide is the one tweet which sums up everything Donald Trump does wrong, as well as being the defining moment when you could see Trump was doomed. It is the perfect union of not recognizing his past stupid mistakes, and making even more stupid mistakes on top of them, all while furiously raging impotently and making himself look guilty as the devil. Check the history books in ten years; Tweeticide will be there.

In response to the latest Trump Twitter rant, Senator Dick Durbin says that Trump is going to hang himself with 140 characters at a time. Good call, Senator! They be no flies on you.

Trump followed what is by now a familiar pattern: He responds to a stunning setback at first by scrambling for a strategy, hastily thrown together, but then later, in the wee hours of the morning, he takes to Twitter. Robert Mueller got appointed to special counsel over Russiagate. Wednesday night, Trump is all diplomacy in a formal statement. Thursday morning, he’s bawling like a baby that he’s the subject of a witch hunt.

Is there a split personality going on with him? Or is the Trump staff guiding his hand on the official response, then Trump throws his tantrum later in bed after the Risperdal wears off?

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