Roger Ailes Finally Dead, Reports Internet

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Hey, sorry, that’s the Internet’s judgment, not ours!

The present author will confess, binging on all the free-flowing hate targets in the news lately, that while being no fan of Roger Ailes, he was pretty far down on the list of people to rant against. But apparently the rest of the Internet is still pretty hot about him.

As the founding CEO of FOX News and the driving force behind its takeoff from the state propaganda channel for George W. Bush, to the only station that will speak no evil about Trump, there’s plenty to hate about Ailes. He was a womanizing creep who sounds like he’d rather be directing porn, which makes you wonder, why didn’t he just go do that? He certainly had the money to fund his own perversions.

Ailes later found himself resigned after a shower of sexual harassment charges. He had a nicely feathered nest of $40 million severance, so it’s not like he couldn’t take a leisurely retirement. But karmically, he resigned in July 2016 and died May of 2017, so he only had ten months on Earth to enjoy his retirement. Let that be a lesson.

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