Just How Many Russian Tentacles Can We Find Connected To Trump?

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Want to see a hole with no bottom? Try exploring every last business / political connection between Donald Trump and a Russian. You never dig to the bottom of it, no matter how hard you dig.

It’s like watching an old sitcom. There’s all the names you’ve grown to know too gratingly in four months, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and of course Vlad the Putin. This video also notes Putin’s meddling in French and Greek elections. “Golden Dawn” is a neo-Nazi group with tentacles of Lovecraftian proportions, being named after an ancient occult order which pops upo in every conspiracy theory ever named.

Here’s the granddaddy of all Russia-Trump connecting documentaries:

It’s a slow-paced, fluffy documentary that could stand to cut some of the padding, but it does go into Trump’s business dealings with the Bayrock real estate company, Felix Sater, FL Group, Alexander Mashkevich, Tevfik Arif, and Victor Khrapunov, all tangled up in Russian organized crime, real estate, money laundering, and even human trafficking. Part 2 of ZEMBLA:

This is the equally languid expose of Trump’s ties to the diamond industry, starting with Lev Leviev. You should never trust anyone with that many Vs in their name. Anyway, it’s small potatoes by now.

Now here’s a juicier tentacle: Anderson Cooper starts right off with Michael Flynn’s dinner with RT (Russia Today). This is a Russian TV network that is Putin’s main propaganda megaphone, and it’s worth getting to know. Think “propaganda” and then think of Flynn’s Fascist-style chants leading a crowd in a chorus of “Lock her up!” Quite a bit of the ground Cooper maps out here is also addressed in the Steele Dossier, and how nice to see our old friend still doing work!

COMMENT: We dive into Trump’s endless, bottomless, limitless Russian ties. It just goes on forever, with video documentaries drawing one shocking line after another.


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