Feds Investigate How Manafort Got All That Mana For His Fort

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Forgive our headline, the editors are punchy. Federal investigators have subpoenaed the records on Paul Manafort’s mortgage. Manafort, Donald Trump’s previous campaign manager and center of Russiagate investigation, got an amazing $3.5 million for his property.

Another suspicious thing about the mortgage is that Manafort’s company never paid the $36,000 in taxes that would have been due on the loan. Manafort’s name and signature are also missing from the public mortgage documents, and the mortgage was taken out through yet another shell company in Russiagate. The NBC article goes on at length about other freaky aspects of this one-shot deal.

Why are the feds so interested in Manafort’s real estate transactions? Recall the FBI raid at the Maryland campaign contribution office that had connections to real estate and Russian money laundering. Manafort’s name came up in documents.

In fact, every time an investigator scratches Paul Manafort, a link to corrupt Russian money and Putin pops up. Manafort is definitely into dirty money up to his eyeballs, and were he president we’d have almost enough financial fraud tentacles to convict him too. Whatever financial racketeering charges are brought against Trump, bet on them being conducted through Manafort.

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