Tweeticide: No We’re Not Done Talking About How Badly Trump Screws Himself!

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The LA Times concurs: “A week of self-inflicted chaos.” Trump didn’t just shoot himself in the foot with the Comey scandal. He didn’t just load up double-barrel buckshot and glue the shotgun to his foot before pulling the trigger. No, he did this while also dancing an interpretive dance called “Hold my beer and watch this” while simultaneously composing 140 character haikus on the theme of “When I think about me, I screw myself.”

This. Timeless Masterpiece of Bad Decision-Making says it all:

No, it’s not enough for me to poke one little tweet-jab at it. Trump’s self-incriminating, ineffective, self-ratting tweet deserves so much better. We must print this out and chisel it into marble and frame it and build a shrine to it! A shrine to the God of Bad Decisions, where we will burn offerings to it every day to ward off the wrath of this deity, appeasing it with incense and myrrh, to thank it for its benevolent mercy in not cursing the rest of us with the useless three pounds of hamburger Trump has for a brain.

This tweet deserves its own name. We shall name it… “Tweeticide.”

Just look what we find when we search for “Trump shot himself”:

“In a preview clip of the interview, Trump shot himself and his entire administration in the foot by revealing that their story about FBI Director James Comey being fired on the recommendation of the Justice Department was a total lie.” Yes, besides Tweeticide, Trump fired Comey, then told his staff to spin it into not being about the Russiagate investigation, then went on with Lester Holt to tell the world yeah it was about Russiagate.

He’s got to be a frustrating man to work for. If I worked for Donald Trump, I’d hide in the bushes too, as long as those bushes were in an underground bunker in the middle of Antarctica with an unlisted address.

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