We Have Another Grim Trail To Russiagate Besides Following The Money.

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“Follow the Money” is always good advice when you’re investigating the trail of a cover-up.

But FBI special agent Clint Watts has another suggestion: Follow the trail of dead Russians. Watts spoke with NPR in an interview Friday, illuminating this strategy.

“And if you look over the past year, really year and a half, you’ve seen a string of senior Russian officials that have died, some of them obviously of natural causes but some of them under suspicious circumstances.

And so when I would be looking at this, that’s where I would focus is why are these people dying strangely? And which one of those might’ve had financial connections?”

Indeed, there have been a vast number of suspicious deaths of high-ranking Russians since the Trump presidency started cooking.

This includes politicians, ambassadors, diplomats, and intelligence officials – all people who would have likely talked to somebody connected to Trump.

Here’s a breakdown:

The question is: Why bother? With Russia all but rubbing their interference in our faces, it seems strange that they’d go to much trouble to cover anything up.

Russian politics being what they are, perhaps these are simply people that Putin wanted hit anyway, and the Russiagate scandal is just a handy bit of cover.

But one other fascinating possibility is: What if it’s American agents doing the assassinations? Trump money is nestled rather comfortably with the Russian mafia, we’re learning.

Could Trump be working through a network of double agents and Russian mafioso in snuffing out any Russians who could talk?

How surprising would that even be?

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