The Heartless Trump Administration Dumps On Handicapped Kids, Too

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Trump’s appointing Betsy DeVos as United States Secretary of Education is like appointing Bill Maher as head of the DEA.

In the latest shocking act of callousness, DeVos is telling parents of handicapped children that they can just go to private school – and lose their protection under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

DeVos is pushing the “school vouchers” agenda, which is good news for nobody, and especially bad news for disabled and handicapped students.

The far right wing has long pushed for complete abolition of government services, declaring them a case of “big government.”

But wait a minute, if we throw off this alleged yoke of “big government,” where does that leave us but in the hands of “big business” – which doesn’t have to answer to a Constitution, Bill of Rights, or other judiciary oversight.

The argument that the far right wing just wants to shrink government has always been an evil lie: They want government to stay the same size, just do more for them and less for its citizens.

DeVos’ monumental ignorance has been proudly on display since she took the position.

But picking on handicapped children is a new low, and yet we’re so numb to atrocities in the Trump tyranny that we’re barely shocked.

Under a voucher program, parents would have to pay extra just to school a special needs student, would face a lack of qualified teachers in the private sector, and the handicapped student could simply be kicked out.

Ask anyone who works with special needs students – they require special care and extra attention.

When you rip the education system out from under us and leave us in the hands of big business, special needs students become a burden which a business would rather not handle, preferring it be “somebody else’s problem.”

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